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JJ-MEDTECH Biopsy Suite™

BXTAccelyon® - Gold fiducial markers

DK Technologies GmbH - Planning Software, Stand/Stepper & Accessories

Möller Medical - BiopC®

JJ-MEDTECH Biopsy Suite™

Office-based urology chair with optional stepper-stabilizer system to perform transperineal prostate biopsy under local anesthesia.

  • Complete flexible system
  • High quality
  • Efficient and user-friendly

JJ-MEDTECH Biopsy Suite

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BXTAccelyon® - Gold fiducial markers

BXTAccelyon® offers gold fiducial markers. They are supplied in a Square Hub Gold Marker Kit and are available in various sizes and in packs of 10 kits. Kits are available in 3 needles and 3 markers or 1 needle and 1 marker sizes. Other sizes and kits are available upon request.

  • Electropolished for sharpness

  • Siliconized for easy insertion

  • Mirror polished I.D. for a smooth, easy seed deployment

  • Echo-enhanced tipped for ultrasound visualization

  • Centimetre markings for depth placement

  • Rounded stylet for smooth gold marker delivery

  • Foil marker to indicate bevel tip orientation


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DK Technologies GmbH

Articulating Arms

The universal articulate arm SoLo B is used as a stabilizer for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The arm is a novel fully flexible system that can be positioned freely by just pulling the trigger on the arm handle. An optional elevation and swivel device integrated into the arm handle is available.

The stabilizer supports our steppers – among other devices. The stabilizer is connected to the side rail of an OR table by a universal table holder fitting to any standard rail.

Transrectal & Transperineal Stepper

Our new DK steppers are available for a large variety of ultrasound probes.

Each stepper is mounted to one of our articulating arms and includes all movements you need for the respective procedure. The stepper can be fine-tuned to make it fit perfectly to the ultrasound probe used. Different tactile feedback positions can be chosen.

The precision stepper enables the user to advance, retract and rotate an endo-rectal ultrasound probe in the rectum for prostate imaging.

Disposable & Reusable Template

Our reusable standard templates are made of stainless steel and therefore fully autoclavable. Most disinfection procedures are allowed. The templates are available for all commonly used needle diameters from 18G to 14G. Special low quantity productions are also possible. Most annotations are possible.

Our disposable Template is available for 18G needles. The template is single-use and comes sterile packed. Really useful are the two additional rows of holes surrounding the ultrasound probe.


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DK Technologies GmbH

Möller Medical - BiopC®

Möller Medical’s product line BiopC® is based upon decades of experience in developing and
manufacturing all kinds of cannulae and needles for human medicine as well as special products in
the field of intensive care.

Creating high quality products with utmost respect for the patient’s well-being has been their core
concept ever since the foundation of the company more than 60 years ago. This principle guided the
development of the BiopC® product range and will remain a determining factor in further development
of the product portfolio.

Möller Medical's BiopC® is exclusively available in the Benelux.

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