MTT – Medical Targeting Technologies

Positioning Systems, Articulating Arms, Templates and Planning Software

MTT offers top-class products in the areas of MRI Fusion Biopsy, LDR Brachytherapy and Ultrasound Positioning
  • BioJet MRI-Fusion biopsies
  • Universal articulated arm & steppers
  • Reusable and disposable templates for transperineal procedures

MTT is exclusively distributed by JJ-MEDTECH in the Netherlands.

MTT, Germany

Medical Targeting Technologies GmbH (MTT) originates from D&K Technologies GmbH, founded in 2001.

Together, the two companies develop and distribute successful products in medical technology in the areas of software and mechanics.

MRI Fusion Biopsy, LDR Brachytherapy & Ultrasound Positioning

Positioning Systems, Articulating Arms, Templates and Planning Software

MTT Articulating Arm SoloB
Transperineal Access System

SoLo A

Precise in use – intuitive to handle, this is the urological positioning system ‘SOLO A’.

It consists of the universal articulated arm and a stepper for transrectal or transperineal use.

Currently the system is used in the following procedures:

  • Prostate biopsy
  • MRI fusion
  • Brachytherapy (LDR / HDR)
  • Cryotherapy
Biojet 3D real-time MRI-Fusion Biopsy
MRI-Fusion System


The new gold standard in prostate cancer diagnostics

  • Contouring of prostate and suspicious areas in MRI
  • Fusion of MRI data in real time with ultrasound image
  • Precise biopsies including 3D reconstruction in real time


  • Real-time MRT Fusion
  • ʻHands-Freeʼ Biopsy
  • Real-time 3D model of the prostate
  • PACS compatible
  • Documentation
  • Radiology tool included
Jetspeed 5 LDR Brachytherapy Planning Software
LDR Brachytherapy Planning

Jetspeed 5

JetSpeed 5 simplifies prostate LDR brachytherapy planning, treatment & CT/MR/ultrasound post-planning processes.

  • Real-time interactive dosimetry including real-time update of DVH and dose data throughout the treatment process
  • Display custom dosimetry dates including real-time range alerts
  • Interactive real-time treatment planning with longitudinal and transverse ultrasound scans
  • Automatic or manual interactive course planning even taking into account previously implanted semen
  • Re-slice of longitudinal image series to create a needle eye view for planning and treatment (JetSpin)
  • Seed detection in DICOM CT images in post-planning
  • TRUS color flow images can be used to eliminate the risk of placing seeds in larger vessels
  • Contours can be drawn, interpolated and corrected in live video image mode
  • Smart zoom around the image pointer and the image pan always accessible via the mouse wheel
  • User-select multiple interactive orthogonal 2D views, including seed placement or removal
  • Complete plan analysis: point dose, dose volume histogram, differential dose volume histogram, etc.
  • Optimized cutting plan for strands
  • Integrated patient database with export and import function
  • Intuitive user interface with custom reports
  • Allows the use of measured anisotropy data for line or point source calculations (TG-43)
Templates Grids: Reusable, Fixations and Sterile Disposable Templates


For precise and safe placement of needles, the right template (guide grid) for every application


In sizes from 14G to 18G for all types of urological transperineal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Half hole sizes and small hole spacings can also be ordered on request. The regular version has a 5mm hole spacing and comes with the label A to G and 1 to 7, also here other labels are possible.


In sizes from 14G to 18G especially for HDR-Brachytherapy (e.g. Varian Bravos™, VariSource™ iX, or GammaMedplus™ iX or BEBIG HDR+) with 5mm hole spacing and a special clamping plate for securely fixing the needles. Also helpful are the loops for sewing the template on the perineum of the patient.

Sterile disposable template

Available in size 18G, with 5mm hole spacing and labeled A to G and 1 to 7. The templates come sterilely packed in 5 packs and are intended for single use. Unique here are two extra rows of holes next to the probe in case lateral/dorsal needles have to be placed.

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