Medical Phantoms

VIOMERSE’s lifelike phantoms and educational products enable full procedural training that includes all critical procedural steps and curricula.

The phantoms are custom-engineered to simulate specific disease states, anatomy, imaging properties, and all other relevant aspects, making them the ideal training tools for specific medical devices, training workshops and educational sessions at conferences.

The VIOMERSE’s training phantoms ​enable surgical residents to train to competency outside of the operation room, posing no risk to patient safety as they work through complete, complex procedures in a simulation environment.

Phantoms with realistic appearance, texture, anatomy and function (i.e. bleeding) allow for simulation of complete procedures. Listed products are able to be modified to suite your specific purpose.

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VIOMERSE manufacturers lifelike organ specific phantoms for demonstrations, (surgical) training & education.

Medical Phantoms

Lifelike organ specific phantoms for demonstrations, (surgical) training & education

JJ-MEDTECH / VIOMERSE - Prostate Phantom

Prostate Phantom

  • with Lesions
  • without Lesions
  • with Lesions (TP Access Free Hand)

The prostate training model is a benchtop polymer-based model that permits transrectal ultrasound-guided procedures.

The phantom consists of a prostate gland with multiple tumors, urethra, rectum, and perineum. This model can be used for training of transrectal ultrasound (video), prostate biopsy, transperineal and MRI fusion biopsy, brachytherapy, hydrogel insertion, and cryotherapy. MRI-imaging data included upon request.

JJ-MEDTECH / VIOMERSE - Partial Nephrectomy Phantom

Partial Nephrectomy Phantom

The surgical trainer replicates a complete robotic partial nephrectomy procedure with control of the renal artery, exposure of the lesions with realistic resection using standard instruments.

The phantom contains a kidney with tumors located at both poles, a renal hilum with artery and vein, pelvis, calyces, ureter and perinephric fat. Other tumor locations available upon request.

JJ-MEDTECH / VIOMERSE - Bladder Outlet Obstruction Phantom

BOO Phantom – Bladder Outlet Obstruction Phantom

The Bladder Outlet Obstruction (BOO) Phantom is a dynamic endourology trainer for a wide variety of treatments and devices for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer. The phantom enables lifelike resection, enucleation, implantation, and similar procedures for the relief of bladder outlet obstruction.

JJ-MEDTECH / VIOMERSE - Gynecology OB-GYN Phantom

OB-GYN Phantom

The OB-GYN Phantom is a disposable hydrogel training device for the simulation of multiple gynecology procedures.

Recommended procedures:

  • Hysterscopy
  • Endometrial biopsy and ablation
  • Basic speculum and tenaculum usage
  • Interstitial needles
  • LEEP
  • Ultrasound (abdominal, vaginal, rectal)
  • CT Scan
JJ-MEDTECH / VIOMERSE - Neurosurgery - Ventricle Brain Phantom
Neurological Surgery

Ventricle Brain Phantom

  • Full Procedure
  • Partial Procedure

Phantom is a hydrogel brain contained in a skull and connected to a fluid source that allows for simulation of catheter or shunt placement into the lateral ventricles and EVD set up. Fluid pressure is applied during the simulation, meaning correct placement of devices into the ventricle yields not only a “pop” sensation, but also fluid efflux into the catheter, giving a realistic training experience. Each model can withstand 3 or 4 punctures per ventricle.

JJ-MEDTECH / VIOMERSE - Neurosurgery - Intracerebral Hemorrhage Phantom
Neurological Surgery

Intracerebral Hemorrhage Phantom

  • Full Procedure
  • Partial Procedure

The VIOMERSE Intracerebral Hemorrhage Phantom (ICH Phantom) is a full procedural trainer for minimally invasive evacuation of ICH from the brain. Plastic skull base containing hydrogel brain with two hematomas. Additional elements include synthetic frontal bone, dura mater, venous sinuses, and scalp that requires pre-procedural planning, incision, and burr hole procedure for entry. Supplied with CT scan to enable image registration and stereotactic navigation.

JJ-MEDTECH / VIOMERSE - Neurosurgery - Brain Tumor Resection Phantom
Neurological Surgery

Brain Tumor Resection Phantom

  • Full Procedure
  • Partial Procedure
  • Imaging-Compatible Brain Tumor Phantom

Training phantom for the realistic resection of brain tumors from the cerebral cortex. Consists of a synthetic brain with 4 tumors made of realistic material within the cerebral cortex, contained within a plastic skull base with ports of entry for tumor access. Tumors are compatible with fluorescent endoscopic imaging. MRI DICOM files supplied to enable registration and stereotactic navigation.

JJ-MEDTECH / VIOMERSE - Neurosurgery - Vertebral Compression Fracture Phantom
Neurological Surgery

Vertebral Compression Fracture Phantom (VCF Phantom)

  • L1 Fracture
  • T7 Fracture

The VCF phantoms contain 5 vertebrae, with a severe compression fracture at the center vertebrae.
Ideal training tools for minimally invasive devices used to treat VCF, including vertebral augmentation devices, balloons, and standard kyphoplasty equipment. Radiopaque and compatible with both X-ray and CT imaging. All 5 vertebrae are compatible with standard minimally invasive spine surgery equipment.

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